Dental Implants in Augusta

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Implant Stabilization

Laugh, Talk, Live with Comfort and Confidence!

Is your loose denture causing you to:

    • miss out on life’s simple pleasures?
    • miss eating your favorite foods?
    • be afraid to laugh, smile or speak in public?
It’s time to enhance life with 3M’s IMTEC Denture Stabilization System!

What is implant denture stabilization?

    • Miniature titanium alloy implants – act like the root of a tooth
    • A retaining housing that is fixed into your denture
    • Your denture fits onto the implant head and snaps into place.

Common myths about implant stabilization:

1. It cost thousands & thousands of dollars!

WRONG – They are not expensive

2. It takes months to do!

WRONG – Implants are placed and loaded in one visit!

3. Surgery is difficult!

WRONG – Placement is quick and easy using local anesthesia

Dental Implants in AugustaProviding Implant Stabilization for Overdentures

Loose dentures are a common and frustrating problem for many denture wearers. It is often embarrassing.

If the anatomical structures permit, a retentive suction seal can be achieved on the upper denture. This is heavily dependent on the shape of the palate, location of the muscle and soft tissue attachments to the jawbone, and the shape of the tissues of the soft palate.

Lower dentures are much more difficult to stabilize because of the anatomical features of the lower jaw, floor of the mouth and tongue. The lower jaw is double hinged and everything that attaches to it or the tongue is a movable muscle or soft tissue that tends to lift a lower denture every time they move. These tissues move during eating, swallowing, smiling and speaking. This is why lower dentures are difficult to wear.

One of the greatest advantages of modern dentistry is implant stabilization of dentures!

Are you thinking about getting dental implants in Augusta? At Augusta Dental Center, we can provide the 3M MDI mini implant stabilization treatment in one or two visits. No surgery is required and in most cases the patient leaves the office and enjoys a nice meal for the first time in years. You really have to see this to appreciate how it works and we can show it to you! Just come to Augusta Dental Center for a FREE consultation and we will show you samples and explain the process.

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